Grill’s work includes sculptures, installations, online projects, and, most importantly, photographic works, the latter created exclusively in cohesive series. He combines the most diverse findings and objects to create new visual worlds. By intervening in the image creation process and digitally altering it, Grill creates photo tableaus that are meant to disturb, provoke, and question our relationship to the desired visual world. In his photomontages, he experiments, constructs, and manipulates a wide variety of materials and thus creates paradoxical, new realities. These art worlds are intended to irritate and serve as a mirror of an often destructive, brand- and media-dominated society.

Here’s an exclusive first look at the first virtual room we’ll be making available to collectors for owning an NFT from the collection THE GUARD.

Image Metaverse “Monument of Tolerance”


THE GUARD – Black NFT Presale Edition

Ab sofort im Shop erhältlich:

3D Konstruktion der Wächter Skulptur in AR und VR
inkl. einer digitalen Besitzurkunde eines einzigartigen 3D Modell der Wächter Skulptur als NFT
inkl. einer Edition in der Auflage 30, 30 x 40 cm, C-Print, Nummeriert und Signiert
inkl. Versand in einer Rolle