Back in 1997 I received an invitation to take part in the “Monument of Tolerance” competition, organized by the European Academy of Science and the Arts.
In this internationally high-profile project, the task was to erect a 60-meter-high sculpture on the Untersberg.

For the presentation I had constructed a digital „GUARD“. The winning project for the Monument of Tolerance by Peter Eisenman / New York was unfortunately never realized. But the world needs him more than ever, the “GUARD OF TOLERANCE” – Therefore this early 3D model, reworked and perfected for the Web 3.0, now becomes my NFT Genesis collection.

Part 1 contains 100 guardians, each numbered and therefore unique, ready for the Metaverse. Ready for more tolerance?


THE GUARD – Black NFT Presale Edition

Now available 🙂

3D Construction of the Guardian Sculpture in AR and VR

including a digital certificate of ownership of a unique 3D model of the Guardian Sculpture as an NFT
including an edition of 30, 30 x 40 cm, C-Print, numbered and signed
including shipping in a roll